Easy-Care Backyard Border Garden Plan


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      Most yards are a mixture of sun and shade, good soil and bad. And that makes some
      areas especially challenging to design. But we’d all like to have a great view to enjoy as we look to the backyard, and sometimes that means screening what’s beyond. Here’s a garden plan that does all this while also keeping a budget in mind and utilizing low-maintenance plants that won’t require much care every year. And all of the plants tolerate clay soil!

      Featured plants include Incrediball® smooth hydrangea, Little Quick Fire® panicle hydrangeaPolar Gold® arborvitae, astilbe, ligularia, hosta and more clay-tolerant perennials and shrubs.  

      This Easy-Care Backyard Island Garden Plan performs best in part shade to full sun and cold zones 4 to 8.

      The Easy-Care Backyard Border Garden Plan is an 11-page pdf file. It includes: 
        • The gardenscape painting shown above 
        • Overhead plan view 
        • Tips on taking care of your new garden 
        • Detailed plant list with cold-hardiness zones 
        • PLUS, a 5-page article about how to build great garden soil, "From
      the Ground Up

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