Multiseason Bird Garden


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      Of course putting out feeders is a great way to keep birds coming to your garden. But growing plants they love is even better. This design offers seeds, berries, shelter and nesting material so you can help the birds in your garden all year. Low-maintenance shrubs form the backbone of this garden plan which provide habitat and a food source to keep birds coming back.

      This large island bed would be a great addition to a backyard, especially in a spot where you can see it easily from indoors to watch the birds come and go. If you don’t have room for a 50-foot-wide bed, you could use the same plants in a border planting or cut down on the number of plants to suit your space better.


      This Multiseason Bird garden plan performs best in full sun to part shade and is hardy in cold zones 4 to 8.

      The Multiseason Bird Garden Plan is a 9-page printable PDF file. It includes: 
        • The gardenscape painting shown above 
        • Overhead plan view 
        • Tips on taking care of your new garden 
        • Detailed plant list with helpful information
        • 6-page PDF full of smart tips for your bird garden, "Bring in More Birds"
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