Surround Your Sidewalk with Color Garden Plan


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      Take back some precious real estate in your yard and make a garden out of the space around your sidewalk. Notoriously, this area is a challenging spot to garden in — added heat from the concrete, full sun conditions and a location far away from a hose spigot give this space between the sidewalk and curb the nickname “hellstrip.” Isn’t there a part of you itching to make this foreboding place into a fertile land of flowers, texture, aroma and color? Imagine the sense of gratification when you’re welcomed through this passage after a walk around the block.   

      Featured plants include sedum, coreopsis, Russian sage, prickly pear cactus and more easy-care and drought-tolerant perennials.


      This Surround Your Sidewalk with Colorful Garden Plan performs best in full sun and cold zones 5 to 9.

      The Surround Your Sidewalk With Color Garden Plan is a 9-page pdf file. It includes: 
        • The gardenscape painting shown above 
        • Overhead plan view 
        • Tips on taking care of your new garden 
        • Detailed plant list with cold-hardiness zones 
        • 5-page article about how to build great garden soil, "From the Ground Up"

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