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      Compared to other types of furniture, outdoor projects are really put to the test. Exposure to the ultraviolet rays of the sun and to extremes in heat and humidity mean that the project has to be designed to withstand a lot of abuse. This outdoor table is up to the challenge — yet its design is as attractive as it is sturdy. To make the base of the table as strong as possible, it’s built as a thick frame that’s joined with half laps and through mortise and tenons. No surprises here. What is surprising is how quickly this base can go together with a few simple tips and shortcuts. But the real attraction of this table (and the part that has to withstand most of the abuse) is the top. This is an eight-sided frame that “captures” a series of narrow slats. To make the miters of the top frame as strong as the base that supports it, I added a thick spline to each end. (The slats are supported by simple cleats added to the inside edges of the frame.) If building a big circular frame seems a bit intimidating, don’t worry. You’ll get plenty of help — from setting your miter gauge accurately to assembling the frame (with a single band clamp and a handful of screws) to routing the circle with an easy-to-build trammel jig. Lastly – You will learn how to protect your outdoor project with UV resistant finishes.

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