Planter Boxes Planter Boxes Wood Project

These beautiful and classic planter boxes are built with traditional joinery, such as mortise and tenon joints and floating panel sides. They also have an adjustable bottom, which can be raised or lowered to fit the height of the potted plants in the planter box.

The basic plan is for the small cube-like planter box. It's 18-5/8 inches wide x 18-5/8 inches deep x 19-1/2 inches high. But you can also make a long or high version planter box. Details are included in the plans.

This Planter Boxes Wood Project was originally published in Woodsmith magazine No. 75
The Planter Boxes Wood Project is a eight-page, 1MB pdf file. It includes 3 planter box design options, assembly tips and techniques, exploded views and detail drawings and a materials list.

Skill Level = 3 (moderate)
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Planter Boxes
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Planter Box
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