Pink and Purple Border Garden Plan
Pink and Purple
A purple garden is calm, peaceful and serene. The fact is, it’s restful because the colors have blue in them... the same blue that’s found in cool water and the soothing sky. The only difference is, pink has been added to the mix, which ultimately gives a feeling of more warmth to the setting. So why risk upsetting the apple cart by including pink? Well, pink keeps blues and purples from looking gloomy.
Its presence makes the picture brighter, yet still restful. That's exactly what you have in this pink and purple border.

This plan features perennials, such as veronica, liatris and garden phlox.

This Pink and Purple Border Garden Plan was originally published in Garden Gate magazine No. 25

The Pink and Purple Border Garden Plan is a six-page, 1.4MB pdf file. It includes:
  • The gardenscape painting shown above
  • Overhead plan view
  • Tips on taking care of your new garden
  • Detailed plant list with cold- and heat-tolerance zones
  • Planting plan blueprint
  • Shopping list to take to the nursery
  • PLUS, a 2-page article, "Preparing Great Garden Beds"

Pink and Purple Border Garden Plan

USDA zones 4-8
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