Mixed Island Garden Plan
Mixed Island
Gardeners often use plants like peonies or small conifers to define boundaries while keeping an open, friendly feeling.

Having two roughly oval beds separated by a walkway and arbor accomplishes two things. For one, garden maintenance is broken into smaller, manageable pieces rather than having one massive bed to work on all at once. Also, taller plants in the beds will still allow some privacy if you plant the garden along a property line. Repeating some of the plants in each bed helps give the whole garden a unified design. This garden includes a mix of several food plants and ornamentals.

This Mixed Island Garden plan features edible plants, such as blueberies, tomatoes and beans, alongside ornamentals, such as peonies, fountain grass and daylilies.

This Mixed Island Garden Plan was originally published in Garden Gate magazine No. 29

The Mixed Island Garden Plan is a six-page, 1MB pdf file. It includes:
  • The gardenscape painting shown above
  • Overhead plan view
  • Tips on taking care of your new garden
  • Detailed plant list with cold- and heat-tolerance zones
  • Planting plan blueprint
  • Shopping list to take to the nursery
  • PLUS, a 2-page article, "Preparing Great Garden Beds"

Mixed Island Garden Plan

USDA zones 4-8
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