Cottage Birdhouse Project Plan Cottage Birdhouse Project Plan

One of life's simple pleasures is enjoying the company of birds. There are so many varieties of song, color, and behavior that I never see the same thing twice when I look out of my window. I used to settle for just feeding the birds, but this year I decided to be a better host by building a cottage birdhouse for some of my feathered friends. The birdhouse I built is intended to be a home for chickadees, but the plan includes a chart for dimensions of houses friendly to other species of birds, as well.

The Cottage Birdhouse was originally featured in Workbench Volume 54, #1.

Skill Level = 4 (challenging)
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What You Get

The Cottage Birdhouse plan is a five-page, 341K pdf file. It has step-by-step instructions, over a dozen detailed drawings, and a materials list.

Cottage Birdhouse Project Plan
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