Blue Getaway Garden Plan
Blue Getaway

One great place for blue and other cool colors is in the private areas of your garden. That's why we put together this plan for a side-yard retreat. Part of the bed is in full sun, but the 'Princess Kay' plum provides shade, too. There's a functional path to take the gardener from the front yard to the backyard, but the garden also includes a seat for quiet relaxation.

While the dominant color in this garden is blue, too much of it might get monotonous. So we've included other colors, such as yellow and white, for contrast. The peak season is late spring to early summer.

This Blue Getaway Garden features delphiniums, asters, perennial flax, false indigo, solidaster and many more great perennials and srubs for part shade and sun.

This Blue Getaway Garden Plan was originally published in Garden Gate magazine No. 32

The Blue Getaway Garden Plan is a six-page, 1.1MB pdf file. It includes:
  • The gardenscape painting shown above
  • Overhead plan view
  • Tips on taking care of your new garden
  • Detailed plant list with cold- and heat-tolerance zones
  • Planting plan blueprint
  • Shopping list to take to the nursery
  • PLUS, a 2-page article, "Preparing Great Garden Beds"

Blue Getaway
Garden Plan


USDA zones 4-8
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