Bird Feeder Project Plan Bird Feeder Project Plan

This bird feeder project gives you the chance to try your hand at installing cedar shingles and copper roofing without having to remodel your home. (The roof is actually plywood wrapped with thin copper foil.) The birds will love it, and so will you. Especially when it comes time to refill the seed compartments. The roof of the bird feeder stays stationary at the top of the pole, while the body of the bird feeder drops down to a convenient height for filling.

This project was originally published in Woodsmith No. 106.

CONSTRUCTION: The Bird Feeder is about 14" high x 14" wide x 12" deep. It's built out of cedar and plywood. The copper foil for the roof and the shingles for the sides are available at most hobby stores.

Skill Level = 4 (challenging)
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What You Get

The Bird Feeder Project Plan is a five-page, 1.4MB pdf file. It includes complete, step-by-step instructions and 17 detailed drawings, as well as a cutting diagram, and a materials list.

Bird Feeder Project Plan
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