Colorful Slope Garden Plan


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      Plants with structure, resilience and season-long good looks make this slope from the sidewalk to the front lawn a stop-and-stare kind of garden. Turf can be hard to maintain on a slope and can quickly erode and become patchy, so replace it with shrubs and conifers for less maintenance and instant year-round interest! 

      Featured plants include baptisia, bearded iris, Norway spruce, inkberry holly and more perennials and shrubs.

      This Colorful Slope Garden Plan performs best in full sun to part shade and cold zones 5 to 9.

      The Colorful Slope Garden Plan is a 9-page pdf file. It includes: 
        • The gardenscape painting shown above 
        • Overhead plan view 
        • Tips on taking care of your new garden 
        • Detailed plant list with cold-hardiness zones 
        • PLUS, a 5-page article about how to build great garden soil, "From the Ground Up"

      This garden plan first appeared in Great Gardens Made Easy, Volume 5.

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