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      September/October 2023

      In our fall issue find ideas to step up your curb appeal with colorful plantings for your late-season windowboxes and containers. Get tips for growing classic marigolds and a Japanese maple with stunning fall color. Plus learn how to garden smarter by incorporating the basics of permaculture. This issue is a must-read!

      Garden Gate Issue #173
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      July/August 2023

      In this summer issue we've picked our favorite colorful summer garden ideas, water-saving plants and our top picks for easy-to-dry flowers. PLUS smart fertilizer tips and 3 tree pests to keep an eye out for this season.
      Garden Gate Issue #172
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      May/June 2023

      This late-spring issue is packed with colorful combos, smart garden solutions and our favorite blue flowers for every season! PLUS find the Winners of our 2023 Container Challenge along with the planting plans so you can recreate them yourself.
      Garden Gate Issue #171
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      March/April 2023

      Printed copies of this issue are no longer available.

      Our 2023 Spring issue is full of garden ideas! We've included tips for attracting more birds and pollinators, 3 ways to get free plants, and a fun quiz to see which garden style suits you best. Plus we've included 2 exclusive shade garden plans you'll love.
      Garden Gate Issue #170
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      January/February 2023

      Our New Plants Issue is one of our most anticipated every year, and the 2023 edition doesn't disappoint! Plus, helpful tips for using organic pesticides, 8 mistakes to avoid in your vegetable garden and an article that'll help you choose and grow fragrant roses.
      Garden Gate Issue #169
      Preview January/February 2023 Issue

      November/December 2022

      This issue is full of our readers' best tips and favorite plants. Don't miss our beautiful feature on the 2022 Reader Garden Award Winner and the runners-up! Plus cool-season plants for pollinators and entry garden secrets from the pros.
      Garden Gate Issue #168
      Preview November/December 2022 Issue

      September/October 2022

      Our fabulous Fall issue is full of color-packed plant combinations and inspiration. Plus helpful tips for planting bulbs on a budget, drought-tolerant perennials & ways to prepare your garden in fall for a better growing season in spring.
      Garden Gate Issue #167
      Preview September/October 2022 Issue

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