The Complete FloraBox Collection


Callie's Memory (yellow)
First Arrival (pink)
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      Why FloraBox?

      To take some of the guesswork out of plant buying, we've curated 4 collections of perennials and spring-blooming bulbs with our plant partners Sooner Plant Farm, Swenson Gardens. and Southern Bulb Co. Through our FloraBox collections, these high-performing varieties are available at prices that you can’t find just anywhere. We’ve long been fans of these companies' unique offerings and high-quality plants. We think you will be too.

      The Complete FloraBox Collection

      Bundle all four boxes in our FloraBox collection and receive free shipping!

      The Bright & Beautiful FloraBox — 4 gallon-sized perennials shipping early May 2022

      The Sun & Shade Dazzlers FloraBox— 4 gallon-sized perennials shipping early June 2022
      The Heirloom Bulb FloraBox — 60 spring-blooming bulbs shipping September 2022
      The Stunning Peonies FloraBox — 2 bare-root peonies shipping early October 2022

      What happens after you order a FloraBox?

      We'll send you a confirmation right away. We'll be shipping 1 box of plants each in May, June, September and October 2022. You'll hear from us a few weeks before each shipment reminding you that it's coming and following up with any other information you'll need. When it ships, you'll receive a confirmation email from our plant partner.

      Want to give FloraBox as a gift?

      Great idea! Here's how:

      1. Please note "This item is a gift" and include the recipient's email in the special instructions box in your cart at checkout. If you'd like us to send a special message to your recipient, go ahead and type the message there, as well.

      2. Go ahead and enter your address and email into the Information window at checkout. But on the next window, the Shipping window, change the autofilled shipping address from yours to your recipient's. 

      3. Proceed through checkout. (Note: You'll need to place a separate order for each unique recipient.)

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