Stunning Peonies FloraBox


'The Mighty Mo' (deep pink) + 'First Arrival' (light pink)
'The Mighty Mo' (deep pink) + 'Callie's Memory' (yellow)
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      The peonies in the Stunning Peonies FloraBox will add color to every spot in your garden with big, beautiful blooms every spring. Shipping early October 2022.

      What's in this FloraBox?

      • 2 bare-root peonies (see descriptions below)

      • Growing instructions

      Why FloraBox?

      To take some of the guesswork out of plant buying, we've curated a collection of peonies with our plant partner Swenson GardensThese are high-performing varieties that you can’t find just anywhere. We love that these plants are grown organically in Swenson's fields in Minnesota and dug when it's time to ship. We know you'll be happy with the size and quality of these bare-root beauties. 

      The Stunning Peonies FloraBox

      'The Mighty Mo' herbaceous peony (Paeonia hybrid)  Add luxurious nonfading color to your midspring border with these gorgeous double blooms. ‘The Mighty Mo’ has sturdy stems that don’t need staking and grows 38 inches tall and 54 inches wide. Just imagine what a statement this will make in the landscape! Though the flowers don’t have a strong fragrance, they make a great addition to your spring bouquets. Grow it in full sun in USDA cold-hardiness zones 2 to 8a.

      And choose one:

      ‘First Arrival’ intersectional peony (Paeonia hybrid) These lavender-pink 6- to 8-inch-diameter semi-double flowers with yellow centers bloom in early to midspring and have a light, sweet scent. Grow plants next to your favorite seating area or along a frequently traveled path for maximum enjoyment. Plants grow 30 inches tall and 48 inches wide on sturdy stems with lots of side buds so you can cut a few to enjoy in a vase and still have plenty to admire in the border. Grow it in full sun in USDA cold-hardiness zones 2 to 8a.


      'Callie's Memory' intersectional peony (Paeonia hybrid) Intersectional peonies are known for their more diverse flower color palette than herbaceous types, and semi-double ‘Callie’s Memory’ won’t disappoint. Midspring flowers have ruffled petals that start out with a peachy-red tint and mature to creamy-yellow-edged-pink with maroon flares in the center. This variety has a light fragrance. At 30 inches tall and 42 inches wide with dark green leaves, it looks great midborder even when it’s not in bloom. Grow it in full sun in USDA cold-hardiness zones 2 to 8a.

      What happens after you order a FloraBox?

      We'll send you a confirmation right away. This box of 2 bare-root peonies will ship around October 1, 2022. You'll hear from us a few weeks before that reminding you that it's coming and following up with any other information you'll need. When it ships, you'll receive a confirmation email from our plant partner, Swenson Gardens. 

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      See this box's plant guarantee. 

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