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      This varieties in the Heirloom Bulbs FloraBox have been grown by generations of gardeners looking for bright pops of spring color. Give this group plenty of sun and dry summer growing conditions and in a few years you'll have plenty of bulbs to pass along to family and friends. Shipping September 2022.

      Why FloraBox?

      To take some of the guesswork out of plant buying, we've curated a collection of heirloom bulbs with our plant partner Southern Bulb Co. that we know will perform well in your garden. We admire this company's commitment to sharing bulbs that they know will return every year in Southern gardens and propagating them right here in the United States. The bulbs in this box are both cold hardy and heat tolerant, so gardeners all over the country can have success.  

      What's in this FloraBox?

      • 60 bulbs, 20 each of jonquils, Campernelle jonquil and 'Lady Jane' tulip (see full descriptions below)

      • Growing instructions

      Heirloom Bulbs FloraBox Collection

      Jonquil (Narcissus jonquillaThese sunny yellow blooms have the classic daffodil shape in late spring, but there can be up to 5 of them on one stem and they’re fragrant to boot! Deer-resistant and drought-tolerant, jonquils grow 9 to 12 inches tall and 6 to 9 inches wide with slender green leaves. Grow them in full sun to part shade in USDA cold-hardiness zones 4 to 8.

      Campernelle jonquil (Narcissus x odorusIf you drive by an old farmstead or meadow and see a sweep of golden yellow blooms in midspring, it’s probably campernelle jonquils. Though quite common in the South, this hybrid grows happily in colder areas, too. Its big flowers have trumpets that can get up to 2 inches in diameter and have a strong, sweet fragrance. Plants grow 12 to 14 inches tall with leaves that are slightly rolled instead of flat. Grow them in full sun in USDA cold-hardiness zones 4 to 9.

      ‘Lady Jane’ lady tulip (Tulipa clusiana) This little tulip may look sweet and delicate, but she’s really one tough customer. A hybrid species, or wild, tulip, 'Lady Jane' is super drought tolerant and long lived. Just be sure to grow it in a spot that won’t get extra water in summer. At 9 to 12 inches tall, this diminutive tulip  is best at the front of the border, where you can easily admire the early spring blooms. Flowers close on cloudy days and at night. Grow it in full sun in USDA cold-hardiness zones 3 to 8.

      What happens after you order a FloraBox?

      We'll send you a confirmation right away. This box of 60 spring-blooming bulbs will ship in September 2022. You'll hear from us a few weeks before that reminding you that it's coming and following up with any other information you'll need. When it ships, you'll receive a confirmation email from our plant partner, Southern Bulb Co.

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