Island Paradise Garden Plan


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      An island bed is a fantastic opportunity to branch out from your usual style to try something new. Separate from your other beds and borders, island beds can have their own distinct flavor while still coordinating with the overall aesthetic of the garden. This design easily incorporates into a variety of existing garden styles. Hardy enough to grow in zone 5, this island thrives in part-sun conditions. With low-maintenance needs and a plethora of multiseason features, it isn’t difficult to keep this garden looking good year-round. 

      Featured plants include Siberian iris, Itoh peony, Oriental lily, bugleweed, azalea and more easy-care perennials and shrubs.

      This Island Paradise Garden Plan performs best in part shade to full sun and cold zones 5 to 8.

      The Island Paradise Garden Plan is a 9-page pdf file. It includes: 
        • The gardenscape painting shown above 
        • Overhead plan view 
        • Tips on taking care of your new garden 
        • Detailed plant list with cold-hardiness zones 
        • PLUS, a 5-page article about how to build great garden soil, "From the Ground Up"

      This garden plan first appeared in Garden Gate magazine's November 2021 issue (#162).

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