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Here's the most practical guide you'll ever use! You'll be amazed how
easy it is to create beautiful gardens with
Great Gardens Made Easy! — the 100-page softcover book
from the editors of Garden Gate magazine.

It's like getting 4 books in 1!
Let Great Gardens Made Easy! show you how to...
    1. Create spectacular Curb Appeal
    2. Make your own Backyard Getaway
    3. Design Small Spaces with big impact
    4. Bring your Personal Style into a garden

    9 more garden plans with plant lists
    Video tours of 2 gardens featured in
    Great Gardens Made Easy
     2 interactive design tools!
         • Try out your container designs
          onscreen before  you plant
         • Create your own brick patterns
          and colors for your path and patio
   See step-by-step how to put up a trellis

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Great Gardens Made Easy!
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Great Gardens Made Easy!
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Great Gardens Made Easy!
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