150+ Garden Ideas, Vol. 2

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Dozens of reader ideas, along with top-notch advice from Garden Gate editors!
  • Create a beautiful space—Smart tips and inspiration for front yards, side yards and backyards.
  • Welcome to the patio!—Make your patio beautiful and comfortable with the right plants, hardscaping products and design ideas.
  • 27 tips to save you time & money—Make gardening easier on your back and your wallet when you try this garden-tested advice.
  • Backyard chickens!—Fresh eggs. Great compost. Pest patrol. Find out how to get started with backyard birds.
  • Give your garden personality—Dress up your garden with unique and well-placed ornaments.
150+ Garden Ideas, Vol. 2
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150+ Garden Ideas, Vol. 2
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150+ Garden Ideas, Vol. 2
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